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Using Our Website

How do I list my Vehicle?

Listing a vehicle is easy as 1-2-3. (1) Just click on the "Place Auto Ad" button in the top menu. (2) Sign up as a Registered Visitor (3) Purchase the Advertising package that you require and enter all your vehicle information.         

How are payments made?

Payments must be made using your credit card. We do not see your payment credentials as they are securely processed through PayPal. It should be noted that all Advertising Packages are listed in US$. This site is totally automated and it will upgrade your account accordingly so that you can list your vehicle(s) immediately.

After my vehicle is sold, what's next?

You can mark your vehicle as sold and within a few days it will be removed from the display area. If there is time left on your account, you can replace it with another vehicle that you may have for sale. You can also simply delete your vehicle from our website completely.

Are there any tools to help me in my purchasing decision?

We recommend that you firstly create a Watch List and then narrow this list down and after this use the Compare Listings feature to make your final decision. Both the Watch List and the Compare Listings Pages can be found under the "Inventory" button in the Main Menu.    

(Note: the options to watch and/or compare a vehicle are located next to the button when you hover your mouse on it.)

Where can I get additional help?

Simply send us an email at Typically we will respond to you within 24 hours.

Vehicle Transfer

Who needs to be present to Transfer a Vehicle?

Both the seller and the buyer need to be present. Additionally they should both have on them two(2) forms of Identification. In the event that the vehicle belongs to a company, the person representing the company should also have a letter of authorization. The company stamp may also be needed to stamp the transfer form.

What is the cost to tranfer a Vehicle?

This cost varies depending on the age of the vehicle. Generally, the older the vehicle, the lower the cost of the transfer.

What Insurance is necessary?

The new owner will need an Insurance Cover Note on the day of the transfer. This note usually costs about $53.00, and in Port of Spain there is a nearby company that offers these notes.

Why is the Certified Copy for the Vehicle required?

The Certified Copy is required when the vehicle is inspected to verify the engine number and the chassis number of the vehicle. The insurance company will also require this document to produce the Cover Note.

What other doucments are required?

Firstly, the filled out Transfer Form. Also needed would be the Receipt, showing the amount that was paid for the vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is being sold by a VAT Registered company, authorization must be obtained from the VAT Office.




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